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Blue star sapphire ring 3.57 carat solid sterling silver 644-ss-129

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This is a Man-Made Star sapphire. We make sapphire here in our factory, then the sapphire is covered with Ti02 (Titanium Oxide which is the substance that makes white paint white) and heated nearly to the melting point (3,600F) at which point the Ti02 diffuses into the hexagonal axis of the sapphire crystal which shows up as a 6 rayed star. Ti02 also diffuses into the rest of the sapphire and causes it to become non-transparent. The Ti02 is diffused throughout the crystal, it is not just on the surface. And since sapphire is so very hard and the gem is cut smoothly (no facets) it very seldom gets damaged. It should last for a few thousand years. We do not do the diffusion step here in our factory because it is too expensive for the small amount we need.

A beautiful blue star sapphire ring. The gem weighs 3.57 carats. The ring is made from solid sterling silver.

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