Crystal Growth Kit

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Grow your own crystals. 
These kits come complete with instructions and all necessary ingredients!
3 different size kits. 
The $15 kit lets you grow 1 colored crystal up to 4" diameter.
The $25 kit lets you grow 4 crystals up to 4" diameter.
 The $35 kit lets you grow 6 crystals up to 6" diameter. 

The picture shown here is of the $25 kits.

At Shelby Gem Factory we use very high temperatures 
(3,000˚F - 5,500˚F) to grow (form) our gem crystals. 
These kits use warm water to dissolve various chemicals from which colored crystals form. 
If you want to be a scientist, you best start with something simple first!
I started with sugar. 
I'll bet you don't know how many cups of sugar can be dissolved in a cup of hot water! 
(My Mom got a little upset with all the sugar I wasted finding out!)
Color of crystal kit may vary

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