No Problem!

What we say to the customer who brings in and complains about the quality of a worn-out piece she's worn for 20 years that now requires cleaning (probably for the 1st time) and some small repairs.

We've been selling our jewelry since 1970!

We can't do miracles, but we try!

Our gems are miracles!

Guaranteed 3 ways!!

Money-back guarantee!

Damage guarantee!

Loss of gem guarantee!


After you receive your jewelry, examine it at no risk.

If you are not satisfied, return it undamaged within 15 days, and we will immediately refund your money, no questions asked!!

All of our Shelby gems are guaranteed (to the original recipient only) against damage, loss, or permanent discoloration under normal wear when set by our jeweler.

There may be a small re-setting charge.

Please note: 

Resizing, setting or resetting, or repair by anyone besides the Shelby Gem Factory, voids any and all of our guarantees.
If you need work done, please call us and we'll be happy to help and your guarantee will remain intact!
Shelby Gemstones™are far less expensive than natural.
Shelby "Diamond Encores" are only $175/carat.
Shelby imitation "Emeralds" are $190/carat.
Shelby Man-Made Rubies and Sapphires are $185/carat.
In most cases, the price of a Shelby Gemstone™
is about 1-2% of the price of a natural gem!
For instance:
A 1 carat Diamond Encore™ sells for $175, while a 1 carat, "D" color "internally flawless"natural diamond sells at "wholesale" for $18,725!
It's pretty obvious that VERY few people would ever buy such an expensive gem, but even a lesser quality such as a G color, VS2 clarity like those found in most "good" jewelry stores are about $7,618/carat WHOLESALE!
Of course, you can buy really cheap diamonds that look horrible to the naked eye.