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Ladies Created Pink Sapphire Ring, 2.75 Carats, # 651-113



We grow all of our Sapphires. We actually make more varieties of man-made gems than any other company in the world! 
They have the same physical, chemical and visual properties as natural sapphires. Guaranteed! They look better than any but the very best natural sapphire. It's impossible to tell the difference with just your eyes! If you use a microscope, you will see flaws in all but the very best natural sapphires. You will see no flaws in ours!!
Wow! What a beautiful ring! Complete with a 2.75 Carat Created Pink Sapphire. Nice design! Pretty from all sides! It looks good in White and in Yellow. Also looks good with other gems. Ruby, Blue Sapphire,Emerald,Golden Sapphire......What do you want? Give us a call at 231 861-2165 or e-mail and we'll be glad to help you with your desires.
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