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Ladies Ring 0.77 Carats of Created Pink Sapphire, # 361-52

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We make all of our Sapphires. They have the same physical, chemical and visual properties as a natural sapphire. Guaranteed! They look better than any but the very best natural sapphire. It's impossible to tell the difference with just your eyes! If you use a microscope, you will see flaws in all but the very best natural sapphires. You will see no flaws in ours!!
Nice sculptured 14kt solid gold band with a welded 6 prong die struck head holding one of our 0.77 carat created Pink Sapphires. A VERY well made ring that should last virtually forever. In fact it actually would last forever, if kept in a vault. Eventually, the gold would wear thin if you wore it continually for 30-40 years. Some of our customers have worn their jewelry for over 38 years, and they still look good. The jewelry lasts longer than the people.

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