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Pendant Shelby Man-Made Ruby Oval & 3 Shelby Simulated Diamonds, # 624-80

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The Ruby in this pendant is faceted in the Oval Style, which is the traditional style of faceting for mined ruby. This Ruby is made in our laboratory in Shelby Michigan. While there are 1 or 2 other companies in the world making lab grown rubies, we are the only one in the USA. Also, we use a completely different method and recipe for making them. The other companies make them as cheaply as is possible. They use a 02:H2 flame to melt some purified Alumina (Al203) into which they mix a little Chromia (Cr203) to give it a red coloration, and cool it to room temp over a period of a few hours. That makes a hard red crystal that looks 'sort of' like a mined ruby, but really more like red glass. When we make a Shelby Lab Grown Ruby, we do use the same Alumina as a starting ingredient, but to this we add approximately 20 other elements so that the color very closely matches a fine quality natural mined ruby. Then we cool it over a period of 3-4 weeks to allow all those different elements to find their way into the crystal structure and work their color magic. The end product is a beautiful Shelby Man-Made (Created, Lab-Grown) Ruby.

Beautiful Shelby Created Ruby pendant. 3 small Shelby Simulated Diamonds grace the top. Solid 14Kt yellow Gold. This ruby is a little darker than really adds to the richness of the color. Really striking! We make this pendant using Shelby Created Blue Sapphire and Shelby Emerald as well as any other gem we make. What month are you born in? We can most likely put in the correct gem! This pendant is priced without a chain. You can add a matching 10kt or 14kt solid gold chain from the options down below.

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