47+ Years of Honesty!
(Founded in 1970)
We make all of our gemstones!
We Do It All!


Starting with the raw chemicals, all the way through crystallization and continuing on through the cutting, faceting, final polishing, and finally placing the gem in a piece of jewelry, we really do it ALL!!

We think there is no other company on Earth that does the complete process as we do!

It is a deceptive term meaning very much the same as heavy gold plate.

We make more varieties of Man-Made Gemstones than any other company on Earth.


Man-Made means chemically and physically identical to something that nature made, i.e., our Shelby "RUBIES and SAPPHIRES" are chemically & physically the same as those mined from the ground, with this exception; since we made them, most are nearly flawless, because we control the ingredients and cooking temperature.

It is very rare to find a flawless natural Gem.

We also make the fancy colored sapphires such as: Golden, Pink Champagne, Aqua Blue and Yellow, besides the extremely popular traditional Dark Blue Sapphire.

We make Simulated Diamond, Alexandrite, Amethyst, Emerald, 
Blue Topaz, Aquamarine, Garnet, Blue Zircon, 
and Rose Sapphire.

Shelby “Diamond Encores™”, while being chemically different, are visually indistinguishable from genuine diamonds. There is no possible way for an unaided eye to visually tell the difference between an "Encore" and a fine quality genuine Diamond! The only natural substance able to scratch one of our “diamonds” is a genuine diamond or sapphire.

Shelby “EMERALDS” are chemically different from genuine emeralds.  Shelby “EMERALDS” look like natural emeralds, but are about 1.4 times harder and considerably tougher than natural emeralds.

We think they are much better than natural emeralds.

No need for insurance!

Shelby Gems are Guaranteed 3 ways 
(to the original recipient only)
"Money Back" Guarantee
"Damage" Guarantee
"Loss of Gem" Guarantee

"Money-Back" Guarantee: After you receive your jewelry, examine it at no risk. If you are not satisfied, return it undamaged within 15 days of receipt, and we will immediately refund your money ...... with no questions asked.
"Damage" Guarantee: If a gem gets accidently damaged, we will replace the gem free of charge for only a small labor charge.
"Loss of Gem" Guarantee: If a gem gets accidentally lost, we will replace it at no charge for the gem. (Generally, a gem gets lost because the gold holding it gets worn out or damaged, so there may be a small repair charge when replacing gems that are lost or damaged.)
Resizing, setting and resetting, or repair by anyone besides Shelby Gem Factory, voids any and all of our guarantees. If you need work done, please call us and we'll be happy to help and your guarantee will remain intact!

Shelby Gemstones™ are much less expensive than their natural counterparts. Shelby imitation Emeralds are $190 per carat and Shelby Man-Made Rubies and Sapphires are $185 per carat.

In most cases, the price of a Shelby Gemstone™
is about 1- 2% of the price of a natural stone.

For instance: A 1.22 carat "Shelby Diamond Encore" sells for $213.50, while a 1.22 carat "Flawless", D color natural diamond sells at wholesale for $21,472 as of October 2016!