Happy Drinking Bird

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The Infamous Drinking Bird 

It has been popular among children and adults for years. Once the Drinking Bird's head is dunked in water, it will begin bobbing back and forth taking "drinks" with every bob.

Drinking Bird works using properties of thermodynamics, converting thermal energy into mechanical energy. The head and lower body of the bird are hollow glass chambers that are connected by a glass tube. The tube dips into the liquid (methylene chloride) in the lower body allowing the liquid to move up the tube when the temperature of the head is slightly cooler.

The head is coated with red felt that absorbs water with every drink. Evaporation, aided by the swinging motion, reduces the temperature of the head. The vapor from the liquid will subsequently condense in the head. This makes the pressure in the head slightly lower than in the body, and the liquid is pulled up the tube. The bird's center of gravity is altered as the liquid rises causing it to begin tilting toward the water and the bird takes a drink.

As the drinking bird tilts over, the liquid is eventually removed from the lower body and the lower portion of the tube. The vapor above the liquid then rushes up the tube which equalizes the pressure in the head and body. With this, the center of gravity returns to the lower body and with one swift motion, the bird swings back up away from the water.

Please note this product is not a toy and is not intended for use by children under age 8. Contains methylene chloride and may stain clothing and other surfaces. Do not swallow liquid or allow to come in contact with eyes or skin. Non-flammable. Keep away from flame or other heat sources.

Drinking Bird... Is he always thirsty?

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