We closed at the end of 2019, after manufacturing gemstone crystals for 50 years.  

Thank you all for your business and interest in our

Shelby Gems.

This site cannot process orders of any kind, we have no jeweler, there is no inventory remaining and our showroom is closed. 



We also have a FREE 50 seat movie theater

It has a 22 minute show about how we make our gems! 

The pictures are all taken by us.
The jewelry (excepting Peridot) contains gems that we manufacture in our factory.  
The pictures are of our factory and show our equipment and our personnel.
We started out pretty small.... only a gravel parking at at the time!

                                                                                                This was me at the beginning! 


                                              This is me now! 


We make more kinds of gems than any other company on Earth!
We have at least 500 items in our Showroom.
Please, Please support the USA
not stores with imported items!
Stop in and visit at any time, we'd love to see you!
We REALLY are the only company in the world that actually makes uncut gems.
Here's a picture of me (Larry Kelley) and my brother Bill monitoring a gem furnace.  HOT!bk-lpkgemfurnace.jpg
Below is a picture of Paul Hoffman removing a Simulated Emerald from a furnace.
A lady in New York facets them,
We set them here in Shelby. 
Lauro Martin...a darned good jeweler!
We invite you into our factory/theater/showroom to see how it is all done. 
There are many companies who say they make synthetic gems.
All the ones we know buy already faceted gems and have their jewelry made in China, Korea, India or Thailand. 
90% or maybe even higher of our mountings are made in the good old U.S.A.
We make more varieties of Synthetic and Imitation Gems than anyone else on Earth! 
And we do it here in the USA!  
We have been open since 1970.
Many, many years of Very Happy Customers!
Recently, due to the high cost of gold we have started offering some items in 10 karat gold or Sterling silver.
Of course if you actually want an item made of Platinum or 18 karat gold...you can.

This beautiful ring above is made from solid 10kt yellow gold.
The gem is a 2.1 carat size Shelby simulated emerald.
Really a very pretty, well made ring.
Our simulated emeralds are in most ways better than natural emeralds.
Ours are much much harder and more sparkly.
Not to mention, they don't have the cracks and inclusions often found in natural emeralds.

These are beautiful man made Hot Pink Sapphires mounted in 14kt gold. 
Made in our high temperature crystal furnaces.

This solid 14 kt gold ring contains our Shelby Simulated Diamond 

Natural looking gems you can afford.

Thank you and enjoy learning about Shelby Gem Factory.
Ground shipping of jewelry to the USA and Canada is free!!!
We can repair, resize and do custom work while you wait!

             Call:  (231)  861-2165  M-F 9-5:30, Sat 12-4      
 In these times of economic uncertainty, it is even more important to spend your
hard-earned money wisely. 
You can always give a gift of lasting, beautiful jewelry when you shop with us.

Below is a nice bunch of Cadillacs out on a shopping spree!
What better place to shop!

Here are two views of our showroom.