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Ladies Ring Genuine Peridot, # 641-141

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Peridot (pronounced Peridoe) is one of the gems I do not make. But, since it is the August birthstone, I buy very good quality mined Peridot and place it in jewelry for you. The formula is (Mg,Fe)2SiO4. It has a hardness of only 6-1/2 on the MOH scale. Glass is about the same hardness. For this reason, it is best used in earrings or pendants. When used in a ring, it often becomes scratched or even broken. We do put it in rings, because certain customers desire it. However, as with any mined gem, we cannot guarantee it against getting scratched or broken. We do take care in selecting only the very best color and quality. We do not sell the cheap brown tinged material that you normally see in jewelry stores or discount stores.
Very nice color GENUINE Peridot for the Lady lucky enough to be born in August. This is not the brownish yellow color normally found in jewelry stores or discount stores. A beautiful ring, but you have to be a little careful because of the properties of genuine Peridot. It can be broken with a sharp blow, (like against the rim of a kitchen sink), and it can become scratched by sand particles because it has only the hardness of ordinary glass.It is a nice ring, but it just requires a little tender loving care!

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