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Recrystallized Ruby 9.57ct Pendant 661-500

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This beautiful pendant is made from solid 14kt yellow gold. We can make one with white gold as well. This pendant is priced without a chain. You can add a matching 10kt or 14kt solid gold chain from the options down below. It is set with a 9.57 carat cushion cut Shelby Recrystallized Burmese ruby. This is a fine recrystallized ruby which we are the exclusive makers of! The raw ruby came from Burma in the form of very small pieces too small to facet. We placed 1,000 grams of the pieces into an Iridium cup> (Iridium is sort of like Platinum, except it had a higher melting point, and is much less chemically reactive...and way more expensive!) Then we turned up the heat to about 3,500F, the little pieces of ruby melted, and then we very sloooooowly cooled it and a couple weeks later we had a big block of 'frozen' ruby. We cut the block up with a diamond saw into pieces small enough to facet and that is what the gem in this ring (and others) is made from. The gem has nearly all the same properties of mined ruby. No worse!...JUST A WHOLE LOT LESS EXPENSIVE!!!!!!! By the way....we are truly the ONLY company that does this, or has ever done this!! As this piece holds a single gem over four carats, we have reduced the price per carat.

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